Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pornwikileaks appears to have plans to capitalize off the Ashley Madison data leak!

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Immediately after the Ashley Madison data leak made national news (hackers posted the personal private information of thousands of individuals who have utilized the infidelity website Ashley Madison - a site controlled by Canadian Noel Biderman), it appears that the operators of Pornwikileaks (namely Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane - who according to veteran porn industry blogger Mike South is currently residing with his father in South Florida) have concocted a plan to utilize the data to draw traffic to the website and most likely extort the people who's names are included in the data.

It appears according to the pornwikileaks forum that the operators of pornwikileaks feel that the  re-posted Ashley Madison data leak on their site will "make the site famous".

It seems that every person who is listed in the data leak will have their own forum thread and a wiki which will quickly be indexed by the google search engines.

So now let's see if Pornwikileaks (AND AND gets shut down PERMANENTLY.  Back when it wreaked havoc in my life no one cared - after-all I'm just a Black chic who's a nasty porn whore - right?  Maybe now that people who have deep pockets and stellar reputations to protect things will go a bit differently... or maybe they won't... we'll see :)

Click to Enlarge - Pornwikileaks dedicated  a forum to the Ashley Madison data leak!
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