Sunday, February 10, 2013 has been restored and is back online - those who claimed (namely Sean Tompkins) to have shut it down did not.

It appears that as of 2/10/2013 the entire site has been restored. The people who claimed to have brought it to a close should have TOLD THE TRUTH.


Sean Tompkins (the individual who has claimed to have done the majority of the online work to get Pornwikileaks offline and who touts himself as the "Hero of the Porn Industry") was most likely given an expense account to take Pornwikileaks offline OR was paid an amount of money upfront by what I can only assume to be the Free Speech Coalition considering how Diane Duke has gone on record taking credit for bringing down PornWikileaks as well.

You would think that part of getting Pornwikileaks offline would have been taking ownership and control of the DOMAIN right? Seems like common sense doesn't it... but apparently not to Sean Tompkins - WHICH IS WHY THE SITE IS BACK ONLINE AND FULLY ACTIVE NOW.

Ironically according to text messages sent by Sean Tompkins, in August of 2011 - either he or the Free Speech Coalition could have acquired the domain from the owner for $5000 (which truly is only a drop in the bucket considering how much the FSC collects and spends annually).

One would think that Sean Tompkins would have paid the $5000 out of his upfront fee or expense account to ENSURE that the domain was acquired by someone unattached to Donny Long - right? Well it sure doesn't appear that way...

It seems that the "Hero of the porn industry" in actuality didn't feel that the multitudes of people who were effected by pornwikileaks were worth the $5000 he most likely pocketed for himself...

Sean Tompkins posts his phone number online fairly often - he did just today so we doubt he'll have issue with the above text messages being made public knowledge.