Monday, February 6, 2012

Why is Michael Whiteacre still insulting, harassing and degrading Monica Foster in reply to a blog poster who IS NOT Monica Foster?

(Monica Foster editorial)

I don't frequent the blog "Luke Is Back" much now days, but I did last night and I saw a rather disturbing comment thread. I haven't posted a comment on that blog in months, however apparently Michael Whiteacre (Ari Bass) is under the impression that someone using the alias "AreYouKiddingMe" is me.

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I personally don't feel that the writing style is characteristic of mine, but I suppose because whoever "AreYouKiddingMe" is opposes Bass - he's under the impression it's me. He's gone to great lengths to insult, bad mouth and degrade me personally, along my continued career choice as a webcam performer (of which I will stick with until I can transition into the world of health, fitness and nutrition).

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***Click the graphic above to read what Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre (a man who the Free Speech Coalition acknowledges and thanks) has to say about Monica Foster - a woman who has left the Los Angeles porn industry and who shares her experiences and thoughts.***

I find Michael Whiteacre's degrading comments towards me odd being that he's "friends" with several webcam girls from what I can observe via his twitter (including Taryn Thomas - a performer who enjoys calling black women "niggers" and who is ironically "pro condom" according to a recent Phoenix Arizona news piece). If he thinks being a webcam girl is so bad, then why be friends with or make the acquaintance of so many? Also isn't his entire career and social circle built on the backs of women who are adult entertainers?

I suppose Michael Whiteacre is full of contradictions - once upon a time he told me over the phone that Michael Fattorosi was a "loser attorney who was on the fringes of the porn industry" - yet now he associates with Fattorosi. What a tangled web he weaves...

Later this week I will post a letter of which I'm encouraging my fans and friends to submit to the Los Angeles City Council, Aids Healthcare Foundation, Free Speech Coalition, FBI and State of California in regards to Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre's actions and affiliations. In time I feel a mass voice in regards to this man will need to be heard - so please join in on the effort to make that voice as loud and clear as possible.

It has been brought to my attention that Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre may be "friends" with and may have a professional relationship with quite a few Canadian's who are currently active in the illegal prostitution arena of the Los Angeles porn industry. Considering that several of these Canadians (in some cases Europeans masquerading as "Canadians") may in fact be human trafficking victims, I have decided to compile and post a list (complete with details) of these individuals.

Several sources have cited Shyla Stylez aka Shayla Sandz aka Amanda Friedland aka Amanda Auclair as a person of note who's situation should be investigated. Considering that she is a public figure from Canada who may be in extreme danger due to human trafficking and prostitution circles of which Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre may (or may not) have ties to - an in depth analysis of Shyla Stylez is in the works.
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Strangely the photo of "Bridget Adair" (poster of this listing) looks like Bobbi Billiard - someone who (Michael Whiteacre's online acquaintance) Sean Tompkin's associates have been seen communicating with on twitter.
Possible human trafficking evidence in regards to Shyla Stylez - part 1 documented by Darrah Ford.
Possible human trafficking evidence in regards to Shyla Stylez - part 2 documented by Darrah Ford.
Possible evidence of Shyla Stylez being held to an illegal sexual slavery pornography contract in 2003.

Update: It appears that Michael Whiteacre also thought someone utilizing the screen name "Cindi Spiegler" was me on January 26, 2012 - click below to enlarge and view Michael's crazed rant.

Click this link: to view the entire comment thread - the above screen shot it just the beginning of Michael Whiteacre's "Monica Foster bash" rant.

Whiteacre has since attempted to backtrack (as seen in the screen shot below) stating the he knew all along the anonymous aliases were not me and that he was "provoking me into one of my drunkin rants" (on purpose?). I personally don't think he did know, and is only trying (in a horrible attempt) to save face...HOWEVER if he indeed DID KNOW - then in my view - from the beginning of the PornWikiLeaks issue, he and his associates have simply been online stalkers, harassers and terrorists who singled me and my family out - most likely due to being African American.

(as of 2/7/2012 Michael Whiteacre tweeted the above racially derogatory graphic)

Could it be that Michael Whiteacre and his associates are truly turned on by hurting adult entertainment professionals and their families? Is it possible that Michael Whiteacre and his associates never in actuality fought against PornWikileaks - but were indeed a primary driving force behind it?

This situation is exactly why the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) of which he is closely affiliated with needs to be aware of Michael Whiteacre's actions. If they ARE currently aware, then their organization will face legal consequence.

Last year when I attended the first APHSS performer's meeting, Diane Duke (the head of the FSC) at the end of the meeting specifically told me that the FSC was working on "taking care of" the Pornwikileaks issue. Did she lie to me? I may never know.