Saturday, January 21, 2012

Michael Fattorosi owes Dan Underhill of 2257snap $40,000 - Kevin Blatt appears to be involved

Left to Right: James Bartholet, Vanessa Blue, MIchael Fattorosi
(From the desk of Monica Foster)

Well, today is a day of celebration. A key to the puzzle and mystery that was pornwikileaks has come to light. I have stated for quite some time that Michael Fattorosi needs to be brought to justice.

Below are emails to me from the current [proper] owner of Dan Underhill. Dan expresses how he was hired by Michael Fattorosi, used, exploited and then not compensated for 6 to 8 months of database work in regards to retaining the anonymous 2257 records of hundreds of "mom and pop" adult studio (pornography content producers) owners.

Considering how it has been proven by that Michael Fattorosi was communicating with and possibly advising Donny Long & Michael Tierney in regards to the now closed pornwikileaks website - one has to question if the database that was compiled for 2257safe (which now Dan Operates independently as 2257snap [he is the proper owner]) was utilized in compiling the personal and private records of the thousands of adult entertainers who were targeted by the pornwikileaks project.

A video broadcast about this issue will be coming soon.

Email 01
Email 2
From: Dan Underhill Date: January 21, 2012 12:03:24 PM PST
To: Monica Foster Subject: Re: Clarification
Reply-To: [privatized]
Thanks Monica, your quick response is wonderful.

I have taken the high road and have not publicly blasted these guys (Mike primarily) or made the reasons overtly public. When asked, I would only reply that Mike had other interests and that I took over to service the promises that were made to the customer base. Mike had made commitments to almost 100 customers to take care of their 2257 records and was just going to toss them to the wind after defaulting on all of his payments and overhead. I stepped in, took back possession of all the software I developed for him, and created 2257Snap to simply maintain the commitment that was made so that their existing records will be maintained. Most all of them are mom-and-pop webmasters who were primarily concerned with remaining anonymous.

Again, I'm not in the "adult" industry. I'm just a programmer who was hired by these guys a few years ago and wasted 6-8 months of my life working full time on database development and web design, and subsequently received barely any compensation as was promised. It threw me into bankruptcy and profoundly negatively impacted my life. Fortunately, things are doing better now.

Today I'm a third year nursing student at a prestigious learning-hospital, but keep 2257Snap open to continue the long term commitment made to those clients.
It appears to me that you have also made positive steps to remove yourself from that industry if I am not mistaken. I applaud your efforts and wish you the best. :)

Best regards,

Daniel Underhill