Thursday, January 5, 2012

it is 2012 and Sean Tompkins, Michael Whiteacre, Mike Stack, Vanessa Blue, Mercedes Ashley, Julie Meadows, Doug Hawk, and Kayden Kross are still supporting the stalking, harassment and threats towards Monica Foster's family members

It is a new year and Sean Tompkins continues to slander, threaten and harass Monica Foster's family members who have never had anything to do with the adult entertainment industry. Sean Tompkins - who claimed to have "brought down" the initial pornwikileaks website has picked up EXACTLY where the pornwikileaks project left off, and has maintained the pornwikileaks project's primary target - Monica Foster and her family members.

Sean Tompkins clearly has the support of Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre (who works closely with the Free Speech Coalition - namely Diane Duke) , "Mike South", Mike Stack (aka redgoat - who was attached to the Anthony Weiner / Weinergate scandal) , Mercedes Ashley aka Juanita Torres (a known Los Angeles area prostitute), Julie Meadows aka Lydia Ann Lee (an ex pornstar, past prostitute and current housewife), Doug Hawk (Julie Meadows husband - a financial expert), Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen (a pornographer who has depicted characters who are minors in his pornographic sitcom parodies), Vanessa Blue aka Tanya Faulkner (who openly assists in promoting known prostitutes) and Kayden Kross aka Kimberly Rathkamp (a real estate fraud convicted felon).

This is a clear instance and proof that when a woman such as Monica Foster decides to leave the Los Angeles porn industry to rebuild her life and speak out against the Los Angeles porn industry - she and her innocent family will be stalked, harassed and threatened by irresponsible, immature and possibly psychotic and sociopathic criminals (or individuals attached to criminals).

This situation illustrates that the Los Angeles porn industry and it's governing bodies are far from ethical, professional and / or legitimate.

Monica Foster's parents have made it clear that if any physical harm comes to any of their children, they and their support system are holding all individuals attached to Sean Tompkins and his website directly responsible - especially Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre, Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen, Julie Meadows aka Lydia Ann Lee and her husband Doug Hawk being that the history of their interaction with Monica Foster clearly may have been an extortion effort (of her parents).

It is believed that Sean Tompkins is attempting an organized physical attack against Monica Foster and/or her sister.  As of current Sean Tompkins is under investigation in the state of Texas as are those openly attached to him in California and New Jersey.

It has been suggested that many of those listed in this article have been living and working under multiple false (illegally obtained) alternate identities, which points to possible terrorist group affiliations.

Monica Foster and her family have been made aware that Sean Tompkins has targeted specifically African-American women multiple times in the past and has allegedly extorted several entities (individual and corporate) in the past.

Apparently Sean Tompkins has a criminal history and a track record of mental instability.

The intention of the initial pornwikileaks project and Sean Tompkin's current website is to separate and isolate targeted individual adult performers (such as Monica Foster) from their families and/or support systems via humiliation, intimidation, embarrassment and blackmail. If the targeted individual is successfully isolated, it is then easier to control and corral the individual back into or deeper into the sex industry. This is the definition of SEX TRAFFICKING Force, Fraud & Coercion.

Sean Tompkins is the solid definition of a sex trafficker considering the content and tactics that he (and those attached to him) and his website utilize.

Fortunately Monica Foster's family has been and continues to be supportive, and they stand as a united front with her against the organized crime behind the sex trafficking groups which appear to be the backbone of the Los Angeles porn industry. Unfortunately other women currently within porn may not be from as strong of a family as Monica Foster so it's time for CHANGE to occur.

Sex trafficking within the United States of America can not and will not be tolerated. For this illegal activity to come to a close, the Los Angeles porn industry can no longer be a "self regulated" industry if it is to continue to operate legally. A "clean sweep" of the industry is imperative and government regulation is necessary.