Thursday, December 13, 2012

TRPWL Sean Tompkins : puppet of Diane Duke and Ari Bass

Did Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition and Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre (avid FSC supporter) prompt Sean Tompkins to release the AIM database on Pornwikileaks to prompt the closure of AIM - which in turn led to the establishment of the APHSS - which granted control of the performer testing to the Free Speech Coalition who in turn is primarily funded (thereby controlled) by porn megacorp Manwin (Fabian Thylmann)? It certainly appears that way... Donny Long (who had many enemies and may have been murdered) was a convenient target to pin it all on...



Monica Foster commentary: If you are a pornstar, ex-pornstar, webcam model or any other type of adult entertainer - please familiarize yourself with this type of person (defined within the porn community as a "fan boi").
For the last couple of years, I've had to deal with an online (and offline) obsessed fan and stalker by the name of Sean Tompkins (known publicly in the online Los Angeles porn community as TRPWL of The Real Pornwikileaks), who not only has been extremely invasive to my personal life, but the lives of my family members as well (who have never had anything to do with the porn industry).

Sean Tompkins utilized the situation of Pornwikileaks (of which I believe he not only assisted in building and promoting, but has fraudulently claimed to "bring to and end" ) to establish a presence for himself within the porn industry, and since has utilized his station and influence to continue to openly stalk, slander, harass, terrorize and defame myself and family via telephone, his website, various adult industry forums and via a multitude of other venues.

As of current Sean Tompkins has in excess of 60 blog posts on his TRPWL website about myself and family members.  I personally am afraid of this man in regards to my physical safety and have had to go to authorities in regards to the situation. His tweets and blogs reflect that of someone who is uneducated, manipulative, needy, psychologically ill, a victim of childhood abuse and who (now as an adult) gets a sexual thrill from harming women.

I do fear that Sean Tompkins sexual attraction to me of which he apparently can not control (and of which manifests in the form of aggression towards me) may lead to him either physically assault or murder me - unless someone steps in to give him the psychological help assistance of which he needs. Only in the arena of adult entertainment can a person behave as Sean Tompkins does (which may be why he has been so desperate to establish himself in the porn industry to begin with).

In addition, it appears as though Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition and Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre have taken advantage of Sean Tompkins' aggressive yet gullible nature to essentially use him as an "attack dog" against those who have chosen to speak out against the dangers of the Los Angeles pornographic industry (and anyone for that matter who is a threat to their agendas).

It is rumored that both Duke and Bass have made various promises to Sean Tompkins and may have even given him funds in regards to his actions against Michael Weinstein (of the Aids Healthcare Foundation)Sean's failed "No on Measure B" campaign (of which he still clings to though Measure B has passed into law) is evidence of this.

If there is anyone else who has had the misfortune of experiencing similar behavior with TRPWL / Sean Tompkins and you are need of the original screen grabs of the above tweets or blog posts, along with other evidence needed to establish a pattern of behavior I can be contacted via pornnewstoday at gmail dot com.

There is a major difference between a porn fan (or a fan of anyone or anything for that matter), and the type of individual Sean Tompkins is.

Update: 1.3.2012 - Donny Long was utilized a a scapegoat for PornWikiLeaks. Click here for the truth.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Again - those attached to the initial pornwikileaks project are attacking innocent family members of ex-pornstars

Again - those attached to the initial pornwikileaks project are attacking innocent family members of ex-pornstars. Please view the screenshots below - it is believed at this time the individuals behind the posts below which defame, libel and harass the parents of of Alexandra Mayers (aka ex pornstar Monica Foster) are members of the Free Speech Coalition (Diane Duke - president of the FSC, Lydia Ann Lee aka Julie Meadows, Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder, Joanne Cachapero & Ari Bass), Sean Tompkins and Mark Spiegler .

This is a twitter for a website run by Sean Tompkins - considering his track record with harassing and defaming
Alexandra Mayers' parents on his website TheRealPornWikiLeaks - most likely the blogs below were created by him.

***Update*** As of 8/10/2012 the apparently mentally unstable Sean Tompkins ( TRPWL ) is still slandering and harassing the innocent family members of his targets Monica Foster and anti porn activist Desi Foxx as you can see in the screen shot below. In addition, for some reason he is claiming he wants to sexually assault the daughters of KKK (Klu Klux Klan) members.
Monica Foster has blocked Sean Tompkins from her twitter account as of several months ago and does not communicate with him. Why is he still obsessively tweeting her? Monica Foster has opted at this stage to contact the Free Speech Coalition President Diane Duke and the FSC board members (of which Tompkins appears to have association with) in regards to this issue.

The LA City council of which Monica Foster has met with in the past is aware of the situation as of today as well.

Monday, July 9, 2012

pornwikileaks is back on xxxfilmjobs ... but who really runs xxxfilmjobs?

Update: 1.3.2012 - Donny Long was utilized a a scapegoat for PornWikiLeaks. Click here for the truth.

As of today pornwikileaks is back on the xxxFilmJobs - but the question is, who REALLY runs xxxFilmJobs? Allegedly it's Donny Long, but quite a few people aren't so certain that Donny Long is actually still alive. There haven't been any recent photos or videos of him...and there are many rumors circulating in regards to him being murdered...

Apparently Sean Tompkins (a recently appointed moderator on xxxpornStalk) is promoting the new pornwikileaks site...why would that be, considering that he was supposed to be the guy to CLOSE and put a STOP to the problem to begin with?

At this stage since Tompkins is as desperate as he is to go down in history as the "hero who closed pornwikileaks" he will most likely promote the hell out of Donny Long's website XXXfilmjobs (just as he did before), and about 6 months from now, falsely take credit for "bringing it down" once a again (see a pattern here?). 

The cycle of abuse (yes, they're technologically beating the hell out of the Los Angeles porn talent pool via utilizing their personal info to terrorize and control) never stops ... does it?

Click the screen shot above to view Sean Tompkins and whoever blogs on LukeFord continually attempting to blame dirty deeds on Monica Foster - sorry but Monica Foster has never met or worked with Donny Long. She does however have the text messages which prove Sean worked a back end deal with Donny Long along with evidence of quite a few other things...

Below is a little project Sean Tompkins and the group he's affiliated with (Crying Wolf / Redgoat / Goatsred - Mike Stack who was tied to Anthony Weiner and Weinergate), who works closely with Mark Spiegler have been working on.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Proof as to how PornWikileaks generated thousands of dollars by stalking, defamation, terrorizing, harassment, cyberbullying and psychological manipulation designed to drive an individual to suicide

Please click here for a news article from in regards to proof as to how PornWikileaks generated thousands of dollars by stalking, defaming, terrorizing, harassing, cyberbullying and psychologically manipulating individuals in attempt to drive them to suicide.

As of today - has posted an article quoting Hunter Moore (developer of a notorious website similar to Pornwikileaks which has hurt many young men and woman in mainstream society utilizing the same method as pornwikileaks) stating:

“I’m gonna sound like the most evil motherfucker — let’s be real for a second: If somebody killed themselves over [being on the site]? Do you know how much money I’d make? At the end of the day, I do not want anybody to hurt themselves. But if they do? Thank you for the money.

“The more traffic I’d have that day, I’m going to get paid for. So if someone fucking killed themselves? Do you know how much hate I’d get? All the Googling, all the redirects, all, like, the press”—here he sounds like he’s stifling a yawn; it is morning—”I’d get paid for, for that day. And whatever.”

The offshoot websites of Pornwikileaks (such as a site run by Sean Tompkins and often promoted by Michael Whiteacre and others attached to the Free Speech Coalition) continue to earn thousands of dollars utilizing the same methods of pornwikileaks against specifically targets indivuals.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre caught in more lies - will he come clean about pornwikileaks soon?

Monica Foster commentary:

Well Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass has been caught in more lies. He recently posted on a blog post in regards to ATLA (a newly formed adult trade organization) the following:

"For legal purposes, “escort” does not equal “prostitute.” A past conviction of prostitution does not even necessarily mean prostitute; it means one who was at one time convicted of having engaged in prostitution in the past. Additionally, one would have to demonstrate that an agent had *knowledge* that a particular performer was currently engaging in those unlawful acts. It’s easy if there’s a paper trail, but without it, not so much."

On many occasions it has been documented that Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass has defamed, stalked and harassed myself and his various female adult industry professional targets calling them "prostitutes" and/or "hookers". I brought this to Whiteacre's attention via a reply/comment tonight and requested an apology. He blatantly denied that he'd ever called me a prostitute.

Well his denial was a LIE. Below is the proof:
The Lie

The Truth and Proof

It's time for Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass to tell the truth about his activity and involvement in regards to Pornwikileaks.

I will post more truths in regards to Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass's lies over the weekend.

***Update: Additional women (both pro porn and anti-porn that Michael Whiteacre appears to enjoy targeting online***

Monday, February 6, 2012

Why is Michael Whiteacre still insulting, harassing and degrading Monica Foster in reply to a blog poster who IS NOT Monica Foster?

(Monica Foster editorial)

I don't frequent the blog "Luke Is Back" much now days, but I did last night and I saw a rather disturbing comment thread. I haven't posted a comment on that blog in months, however apparently Michael Whiteacre (Ari Bass) is under the impression that someone using the alias "AreYouKiddingMe" is me.

click to enlarge and read.
I personally don't feel that the writing style is characteristic of mine, but I suppose because whoever "AreYouKiddingMe" is opposes Bass - he's under the impression it's me. He's gone to great lengths to insult, bad mouth and degrade me personally, along my continued career choice as a webcam performer (of which I will stick with until I can transition into the world of health, fitness and nutrition).

Click to enlarge and read.

***Click the graphic above to read what Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre (a man who the Free Speech Coalition acknowledges and thanks) has to say about Monica Foster - a woman who has left the Los Angeles porn industry and who shares her experiences and thoughts.***

I find Michael Whiteacre's degrading comments towards me odd being that he's "friends" with several webcam girls from what I can observe via his twitter (including Taryn Thomas - a performer who enjoys calling black women "niggers" and who is ironically "pro condom" according to a recent Phoenix Arizona news piece). If he thinks being a webcam girl is so bad, then why be friends with or make the acquaintance of so many? Also isn't his entire career and social circle built on the backs of women who are adult entertainers?

I suppose Michael Whiteacre is full of contradictions - once upon a time he told me over the phone that Michael Fattorosi was a "loser attorney who was on the fringes of the porn industry" - yet now he associates with Fattorosi. What a tangled web he weaves...

Later this week I will post a letter of which I'm encouraging my fans and friends to submit to the Los Angeles City Council, Aids Healthcare Foundation, Free Speech Coalition, FBI and State of California in regards to Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre's actions and affiliations. In time I feel a mass voice in regards to this man will need to be heard - so please join in on the effort to make that voice as loud and clear as possible.

It has been brought to my attention that Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre may be "friends" with and may have a professional relationship with quite a few Canadian's who are currently active in the illegal prostitution arena of the Los Angeles porn industry. Considering that several of these Canadians (in some cases Europeans masquerading as "Canadians") may in fact be human trafficking victims, I have decided to compile and post a list (complete with details) of these individuals.

Several sources have cited Shyla Stylez aka Shayla Sandz aka Amanda Friedland aka Amanda Auclair as a person of note who's situation should be investigated. Considering that she is a public figure from Canada who may be in extreme danger due to human trafficking and prostitution circles of which Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre may (or may not) have ties to - an in depth analysis of Shyla Stylez is in the works.
Click to enlarge.
Strangely the photo of "Bridget Adair" (poster of this listing) looks like Bobbi Billiard - someone who (Michael Whiteacre's online acquaintance) Sean Tompkin's associates have been seen communicating with on twitter.
Possible human trafficking evidence in regards to Shyla Stylez - part 1 documented by Darrah Ford.
Possible human trafficking evidence in regards to Shyla Stylez - part 2 documented by Darrah Ford.
Possible evidence of Shyla Stylez being held to an illegal sexual slavery pornography contract in 2003.

Update: It appears that Michael Whiteacre also thought someone utilizing the screen name "Cindi Spiegler" was me on January 26, 2012 - click below to enlarge and view Michael's crazed rant.

Click this link: to view the entire comment thread - the above screen shot it just the beginning of Michael Whiteacre's "Monica Foster bash" rant.

Whiteacre has since attempted to backtrack (as seen in the screen shot below) stating the he knew all along the anonymous aliases were not me and that he was "provoking me into one of my drunkin rants" (on purpose?). I personally don't think he did know, and is only trying (in a horrible attempt) to save face...HOWEVER if he indeed DID KNOW - then in my view - from the beginning of the PornWikiLeaks issue, he and his associates have simply been online stalkers, harassers and terrorists who singled me and my family out - most likely due to being African American.

(as of 2/7/2012 Michael Whiteacre tweeted the above racially derogatory graphic)

Could it be that Michael Whiteacre and his associates are truly turned on by hurting adult entertainment professionals and their families? Is it possible that Michael Whiteacre and his associates never in actuality fought against PornWikileaks - but were indeed a primary driving force behind it?

This situation is exactly why the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) of which he is closely affiliated with needs to be aware of Michael Whiteacre's actions. If they ARE currently aware, then their organization will face legal consequence.

Last year when I attended the first APHSS performer's meeting, Diane Duke (the head of the FSC) at the end of the meeting specifically told me that the FSC was working on "taking care of" the Pornwikileaks issue. Did she lie to me? I may never know.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Michael Fattorosi owes Dan Underhill of 2257snap $40,000 - Kevin Blatt appears to be involved

Left to Right: James Bartholet, Vanessa Blue, MIchael Fattorosi
(From the desk of Monica Foster)

Well, today is a day of celebration. A key to the puzzle and mystery that was pornwikileaks has come to light. I have stated for quite some time that Michael Fattorosi needs to be brought to justice.

Below are emails to me from the current [proper] owner of Dan Underhill. Dan expresses how he was hired by Michael Fattorosi, used, exploited and then not compensated for 6 to 8 months of database work in regards to retaining the anonymous 2257 records of hundreds of "mom and pop" adult studio (pornography content producers) owners.

Considering how it has been proven by that Michael Fattorosi was communicating with and possibly advising Donny Long & Michael Tierney in regards to the now closed pornwikileaks website - one has to question if the database that was compiled for 2257safe (which now Dan Operates independently as 2257snap [he is the proper owner]) was utilized in compiling the personal and private records of the thousands of adult entertainers who were targeted by the pornwikileaks project.

A video broadcast about this issue will be coming soon.

Email 01
Email 2
From: Dan Underhill Date: January 21, 2012 12:03:24 PM PST
To: Monica Foster Subject: Re: Clarification
Reply-To: [privatized]
Thanks Monica, your quick response is wonderful.

I have taken the high road and have not publicly blasted these guys (Mike primarily) or made the reasons overtly public. When asked, I would only reply that Mike had other interests and that I took over to service the promises that were made to the customer base. Mike had made commitments to almost 100 customers to take care of their 2257 records and was just going to toss them to the wind after defaulting on all of his payments and overhead. I stepped in, took back possession of all the software I developed for him, and created 2257Snap to simply maintain the commitment that was made so that their existing records will be maintained. Most all of them are mom-and-pop webmasters who were primarily concerned with remaining anonymous.

Again, I'm not in the "adult" industry. I'm just a programmer who was hired by these guys a few years ago and wasted 6-8 months of my life working full time on database development and web design, and subsequently received barely any compensation as was promised. It threw me into bankruptcy and profoundly negatively impacted my life. Fortunately, things are doing better now.

Today I'm a third year nursing student at a prestigious learning-hospital, but keep 2257Snap open to continue the long term commitment made to those clients.
It appears to me that you have also made positive steps to remove yourself from that industry if I am not mistaken. I applaud your efforts and wish you the best. :)

Best regards,

Daniel Underhill

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why is Sean Tompkins supporting the breach of the Aids Healthcare Foundation email network / system

As of today Sean Tompkins has posted publicly what appears to be several private and confidential emails dating from the present back to prior January 24th, 2011 from the AHF (Aids Healthcare Foundation) email system (network) on his website TheRealPornWikiLeaks .

Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre has promoted these postings via his twitter account which leads many to believe he may have been instrumental in attaining the emails.

This is yet more evidence that those behind TheRealPornWikilLeaks have utilized that same industrial espionage tactics of the initial PornWikiLeaks website. One has to question, how many people's email systems and networks Sean Tompkins and his associates have illegally compromised.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

it is 2012 and Sean Tompkins, Michael Whiteacre, Mike Stack, Vanessa Blue, Mercedes Ashley, Julie Meadows, Doug Hawk, and Kayden Kross are still supporting the stalking, harassment and threats towards Monica Foster's family members

It is a new year and Sean Tompkins continues to slander, threaten and harass Monica Foster's family members who have never had anything to do with the adult entertainment industry. Sean Tompkins - who claimed to have "brought down" the initial pornwikileaks website has picked up EXACTLY where the pornwikileaks project left off, and has maintained the pornwikileaks project's primary target - Monica Foster and her family members.

Sean Tompkins clearly has the support of Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre (who works closely with the Free Speech Coalition - namely Diane Duke) , "Mike South", Mike Stack (aka redgoat - who was attached to the Anthony Weiner / Weinergate scandal) , Mercedes Ashley aka Juanita Torres (a known Los Angeles area prostitute), Julie Meadows aka Lydia Ann Lee (an ex pornstar, past prostitute and current housewife), Doug Hawk (Julie Meadows husband - a financial expert), Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen (a pornographer who has depicted characters who are minors in his pornographic sitcom parodies), Vanessa Blue aka Tanya Faulkner (who openly assists in promoting known prostitutes) and Kayden Kross aka Kimberly Rathkamp (a real estate fraud convicted felon).

This is a clear instance and proof that when a woman such as Monica Foster decides to leave the Los Angeles porn industry to rebuild her life and speak out against the Los Angeles porn industry - she and her innocent family will be stalked, harassed and threatened by irresponsible, immature and possibly psychotic and sociopathic criminals (or individuals attached to criminals).

This situation illustrates that the Los Angeles porn industry and it's governing bodies are far from ethical, professional and / or legitimate.

Monica Foster's parents have made it clear that if any physical harm comes to any of their children, they and their support system are holding all individuals attached to Sean Tompkins and his website directly responsible - especially Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre, Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen, Julie Meadows aka Lydia Ann Lee and her husband Doug Hawk being that the history of their interaction with Monica Foster clearly may have been an extortion effort (of her parents).

It is believed that Sean Tompkins is attempting an organized physical attack against Monica Foster and/or her sister.  As of current Sean Tompkins is under investigation in the state of Texas as are those openly attached to him in California and New Jersey.

It has been suggested that many of those listed in this article have been living and working under multiple false (illegally obtained) alternate identities, which points to possible terrorist group affiliations.

Monica Foster and her family have been made aware that Sean Tompkins has targeted specifically African-American women multiple times in the past and has allegedly extorted several entities (individual and corporate) in the past.

Apparently Sean Tompkins has a criminal history and a track record of mental instability.

The intention of the initial pornwikileaks project and Sean Tompkin's current website is to separate and isolate targeted individual adult performers (such as Monica Foster) from their families and/or support systems via humiliation, intimidation, embarrassment and blackmail. If the targeted individual is successfully isolated, it is then easier to control and corral the individual back into or deeper into the sex industry. This is the definition of SEX TRAFFICKING Force, Fraud & Coercion.

Sean Tompkins is the solid definition of a sex trafficker considering the content and tactics that he (and those attached to him) and his website utilize.

Fortunately Monica Foster's family has been and continues to be supportive, and they stand as a united front with her against the organized crime behind the sex trafficking groups which appear to be the backbone of the Los Angeles porn industry. Unfortunately other women currently within porn may not be from as strong of a family as Monica Foster so it's time for CHANGE to occur.

Sex trafficking within the United States of America can not and will not be tolerated. For this illegal activity to come to a close, the Los Angeles porn industry can no longer be a "self regulated" industry if it is to continue to operate legally. A "clean sweep" of the industry is imperative and government regulation is necessary.