Monday, December 5, 2011

Weinergate , xxxporntalk , Mike Stack (aka redgoat / goatsred), Sean Tompkins of Porn Wikileaks & Desi Foxx

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As many of you remember, around June of 2011 , former congressman Anthony Weiner was linked to a pornstar by the name of Ginger Lee in a scandal which involved "sexting" and the posting online of some explicit photos. The scandal came to a conclusion with Anthony Weiner making the announcement that he intended to resign from Congress June 16, 2011.

One of the individuals who is alleged to have been involved in the "Weinergate" scandal is a man by the name of Mike Stack (also known as Redgoat on forums such as and goatsred on twitter). As of late he has become rather active again in the slandering, harssment and attempted intimidation of ex-pornstar Monica Foster, which APPEARS to have been prompted by a man named Sean Tompkins who was connected to the PornWikiLeaks website allegedly founded by ex-pornstar Donny Long.

The harassment, threats and attempted intimidation that Monica Foster endures, mirrors the stalking pattern of which ex-pornstar Desi Foxx blogged about in great length and detail on her blog - ironically Desi Foxx names Mike Stack as the primary culprit. has been following the twitter posts and forum posts of Sean Tompkins of San Antonio, Texas and Mike Stack on both Sean Tompkin's website TheRealPornWikiLeaks and on XXXporntalk.

It appears that often where-ever Mike Stack posts, Sean shortly follows and vice versa (it's important to note that Mike Stack has worked as a moderator on xxxporntalk - a forum of which to date Sean Tompkins is heavily active). questions:

  • How long have Sean Tompkins and Mike Stack known each other?

  • How long have Sean Tompkins and Mike Stack been working together to harass and stalk public figures?

  • Why are both Sean Tompkins and Mike Stack regularly sending intimidating tweets to journalist Ron Brynaert (Executive Editor at from 1/07-10/10 who helped to expose fake Weinergate teens with The New York Times in June article: )

  • How long has Sean Tompkins been posting on xxxporntalk? Has he ever utilized other aliases (prior to his adultwikimedia alias)?

  • Why did Sean Tompkins ask Monica Foster to remove Mike Stack's photo (in mid 2011) from her blog "Monica At Home" during the height of the PornWikileaks situation of which Sean Tompkins appears to have gone to great lengths to assist in disassociation Mike Stack from?

  • Sean Tompkins has been quite verbal on blog spost comment threads, forum postings and his twitter account that he is supporter of the Republican party and has disclosed to Monica Foster in the past that "The only 2 people who will ever know the truth about Pornwikileaks is me and [pornstar] Kayden Kross".

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