Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sean Tompkins harasses and threatens me via text message today due to ANOTHER pornwikileaks type website going live

I wasn't going to mention this issue, being that I've been aware since late November of the situation - yet chose to remain silent (due to not wanting to cause panic amongst current and ex adult industry talent).

However today considering the continued (and unprovoked / unprompted) harassment, stalking, threats and attempted intimidation from Sean Tompkins of San Antonio, Texas (operator of TheRealPornWikiLeaks site) - I feel the need to let porn industry professionals know that another Porn Wikileaks type website has been created, is active and that Sean Tompkins doesn't want you to know about it because (in my opinion) it is POSSIBLE that he built it and/or owns it.

I will not post the domain name of this site, however I doubt that this particular site is the only one of it's kind.

I blogged and stated many times that someone would create another Porn Wikileaks type site, and that the blue print of this type of website should be patented and made illegal, but of course no one listens.

The key to Pornwikileaks type websites gaining traffic is for people to spread the word about them, so again, I will not name the name of this website.

Someone using the email address rodwilde2011@*** contacted me November 30th about the site - but I figured it was most likely the owner attempting to bait me into promoting the site. Someone else contacted me around November 25 via twitter about the site, but I ignored the person.

Today pornstar Mercedes Ashley texted and called me about the situation and I informed her I already knew.

Then Sean Tompkins, who I have requested never contact me sent me several threatening text messages. Please read them below. Sean Tompkins is most certainly psychologically unstable, and possibly dangerous. If I ever go missing or am found physically harmed - please investigate him, along with Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass & Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen.

(read left to right and top to bottom)

I'm surprised to have had someone harass me as long as Sean Tompkins has. He's a complete loser 40 something year old white man who is balding, from San Antonio, Texas. He is rumored to have 4 kids from 3 different black women, appears to be obsessed with pornstars/webcam girls (tweets them all day long) - yet looks down upon them (as these text messages clearly illustrate).

This man and the other pieces of trash I made the mistake of dealing with in the Los Angeles, Ca porn industry beginning 2008 need to LEAVE ME ALONE. I'm no longer a part of your world and am 100% independent.

I pray to Jesus Christ - my lord and savior - that the hand of God shine a light upon and show the world EXACTLY who has been involved in hurting myself, my family and countless others in this situation - and then wipe them all out of existence via the most painful method possible. Amen.