Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mike South still states that Monica Foster assisted in closing the FIRST pornwikileaks site - so what is Sean Tompkin's problem?

As of today, Mike South of has stated on his blog that Monica Foster was indeed instrumental in closing the FIRST pornwikileaks website - however being that this is the case (and being the Mike South BROUGHT IN Sean Tompkins to assist with the effort) then WHY is Sean Tompkins still harassing, stalking, threatening and terrorizing Monica Foster AND her family members (of whom have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ADULT ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY).

Could it be, that Sean Tompkins is simply unable to deal with REJECTION? Sean Tompkins attempted multiple times to arrange to physically meet with Monica Foster, however she felt it would be best not to do so. Is this a case of Sean Tompkins simply being bitter that he could never live out his Lenny "Nails" Dykstra fantasy with Monica Foster? Considering how fixated he is with that situation, it's possible.

***Update - Sean Tompkins it appears is friendly with Vanessa Blue (girlfriend to Michael Fattorosi - the attorney who assisted Donny Long with the initial Pornwikileaks venture) Sean now owns and operates a "pornwikileaks type" site himself - ironic isn't it...

Sean Tompkin's website is a perfect example of how when a woman (such as Monica Foster) leaves the Los Angeles porn industry - those attached the Los Angeles porn industry will often stalk, terrorize and threaten her (and possibly her innocent family members as well - as is the case for Monica Foster).