Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another threat from Sean Tompkins in reference to Julie Meadows and an ANTI-PORN blog

Since Monica Foster has created an editorial cartoon in regards to the current Los Angeles porn industry issues for the Michael Whiteacre fan blog - Sean Tompkins has sent Monica Foster another threat via text message.

Considering his history of threats against Monica Foster as you can see here - he will not stop - OCD psychotic people can't break patterns.

****Update - as predicted Sean Tompkins can't break his pattern. He texted Monica Foster via PHONE AGAIN (after she has asked him repeatedly to leave herself and her family alone - yep - he's illegally harassing her) later tonight. Here it is! He's obviously crazy because the link he's referring to is to an ANTI-PORN blog (run by ex-pornstar Desi Foxx -