Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sean Tompkins and Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass now gangstalking, terrorizing and harassing porn director Nica Noelle

*Update: It appears that Michael Whiteacre and Sean Tompkins were able to either financially bribe or intimidate Nica Noelle into being their "friend". Since this blog was initially written, Nica Noelle in addition has defended Mr. Marcus in regards to him knowingly spreading Syphilis to his porn industry peers. It is suggested at this stage, not to engage in a professional relationship with Nica Noelle - primarily due to her lack of self respect and integrity.

It appears that Sean Tompkins and Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass (who's girlfriend Joanne Cachapero is membership director of the FSC / Free Speech Coalition and assistant to Diane Duke - head of the FSC ) are now habitually and obsessively targeting, gangstalking, harassing, intimidating and terrorizing award winning porn director Nica Noelle.

For the past few weeks via the use of social networking sites, blogs and offline methods Sean and Michael have made several threats towards Nica Noelle - enough to where she has chosen to close her twitter account for fear of her safety.

Sean Tompkins seems to be especially aggressive towards Nica Noele via his social networking and blog postings, which makes little sense being that he is far from being an adult industry professional himself (Sean is essentially a porn fan with aspirations to be a porn professional - who spends the majority of his day tweeting to and blogging about porn stars - he has never actually worked within the porn industry and appears to be nothing more than a cyberstalker and music industry failure).

As of current both Sean Tompkins and Michael Whiteacre have expressed that they will be attending the AVN and/or Xbiz conventions in Las Vegas. It is strongly advised that if you have been contacted for any reason by either of these individuals - especially Sean Tompkins, that you utilize extreme caution in being within physical proximity of either of them. It's advised that if possible, to keep away from both individuals.

Both Sean and Michael have made various threats to physically harm individuals that they target (Tompkins has openly stated he has anger issues and has no problem physically harming people).

Note in the above posting how Sean claims that Nica Noelle "needs to feel relevant" - considering her most recent Xbiz nominations, I'd say she's factually relevant in the majority of the porn industry's view. It's almost as though Sean Tompkins and Michael Whiteacre are hired online goons for possibly the FSC , Digital Playground or even Manwin - time will tell I suppose.