Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why is Kayden Kross supporting Pornwikileak's lack of legal closure?

Opinion/Editorial by Monica Foster
(photo to the right - Sean Tompkins & Kayden Kross at September 2011)

We are in mid-October and the Pornwikileaks incident STILL has not received LEGAL closure - that's a fact. Individual parties (both attached and UNATTACHED to the porn industry) who were gang stalked, cyber bullied, harassed, slandered and terrorized both on and offline still would like some legal closure on the issue - yet Sean Tompkins (who could expedite the legal closure process) continues to refuse to furnish the database which would identify exactly who created the "wikis" from the Pornwikileaks site to the public (or at least to the individual parties seeking legal resolution).

Sean Tompkins is intentionally obstructing justice in the name of personal and professional gain. Regardless of how you want to look at the situation - it is wrong. He has gone as far as to continue utilizing the EXACT SAME stalking and slandering tactics and patterns with his site TheRealPornWikiLeaks as the initial PornWikiLeaks site did.

I am still a PRIMARY TARGET being that I've been verbal about the initial PornWikiLeaks site lacking a legal conclusion, and now other's attached to adult entertainment have become targets and have suffered slander and harassment as well (porn director Nica Noelle, anti-porn activist Shelley Lubben, anti-porn and HIV awareness speaker Derrick Burts, etc).

At this stage I feel an "essay" written by Kayden Kross should be pulled by every media outlet that has posted it. Either that or a retraction needs to be written that states that the PornWikiLeaks issue has never reached legal closure.

As of current, I'm very disappointed in Kayden Kross's and possibly Digital Playground's (they have ads plastered all over Sean Tompkin's website) support of Sean Tompkins and his aquantence Michael Whiteacre's regular on and offline harassment, gang stalking and terrorism of individuals they feel the need to target and victimize - however considering that Kayden Kross is a convicted felon for real estate fraud with a criminal history I can't say I'm surprised (you know the saying "Birds of a feather flock together").

Kayden Kross's essay is fraudulent, and I have to question if she was paid to assist in the cover up of Sean Tompkin's efforts to convert the initial PornWikiLeaks project and traffic over to the new TheRealPornWikiLeaks site. Both sites utilize the EXACT same framework (and I've stated before that the blueprint for such sites should be patented and made ILLEGAL).

Being that Kayden Kross in my view is assisting possible conspiracy, criminal behavior and fraud, I plan on submitting a letter in regards to the situation to the Superior Court of California to alert the court of the situation. Kayden Kross has been on probation since July of 2009 for real estate fraud (which ironically she claims to be the "victim" of), and though I may be wrong in my view of her involvement in assisting with another fraudulent situation - all signs point to her knowing vital information which could bring legal closure to pornwikileaks.

Again, I find it comical that one who proclaimed for so long to be a "victim" (yet was convicted in a court of law) has a problem with me having the strength to acknowledge that I was a true victim (along with my family and many others) who has the EVIDENCE to back it up (and the sense to not GIVE UP until I have legal closure).

I live in the light and in a world of truth. That's why I don't have a CRIMINAL HISTORY. Only CRIMINALS don't seek or see the importance legal closure.

In time I will post a video blog with further details as to this situation on

(The words of the CONVICTED FELON "victim" Kayden Kross who wrote an essay about pornwikileaks "ending" minus LEGAL CLOSURE. Adult blogger Darrah Ford may have been correct about "Kimmie Krook" aka Kayden Kross. Since Kayden Kross has a problem with true victims, does that mean that SHE NEVER WAS ONE (or will she always be one?) when she claimed to be in 2009? Hmmmmm... *Update - as of June 2012 an escort/prostitution ad which appears to feature has been discovered though in the past she has claimed publicly such a lifestyle is definitely not for her)

Individuals who were not attached to the porn industry (the FAMILY MEMBERS of pornstars who were listed) who were VICTIMIZED by pornwikileaks DESERVE LEGAL RESOLUTION.