Monday, October 17, 2011

Monica Foster (me) named in the Pornwikileaks lawsuit (yes I'm laughing too)

So first everyone blamed Donny Long (Donald Carlos Seoane) for Pornwikileaks.

Now - guess who's being blamed (and possibly sued - we'll see about that)? ME!

Yep - apparently I - Monica Foster - am now the scapegoat for PornWikiLeaks according to Sean Tompkins (I think he's just upset because I brought up Kimmie Krook aka Kayden Kross's criminal history and the fraudulent post she wrote about Shelley Lubben).

I suppose this is the perfect end to a perfect tale however, as to why no one should ever attempt to deal with the Los Angeles Porn Industry. My getting into porn was far from a "good choice" - hate to admit it, but that's the truth.

Who's really behind Pornwikileaks? Hell if I know (and frankly I'm tired of thinking about it). I personally have a hunch that this all revolves around the FSC (Free Speech Coalition). All those attached to "bringing Pornwikileaks down" seem to be attached to the Free Speech Coalition in some way so it makes sense. I'll do a broadcast about it shortly.

Regardless I'm officially Anti-Porn from this day forth. Hopefully I won't be a webcam girl much longer either.

I gave people in the porn industry (and the concept of porn) multiple chances, but it wasn't worth my time. Today's events in a strange way have taken a huge weight off my shoulders. I'm free to do what I was meant to do now - which is to help close the entire Los Angeles Porn Industry down for good.

I feel God took me on this journey basically to teach me what I needed to know in order to effectively bring the Los Angeles porn circuit to a close. I probably know more and have seen more than any other "ex-pornstar" in quite some time and I think that a journey such as mine was required in order to do what I know I need to do now.

Below are the "threats" from today. My legal advice has informed me not communicate any further with anyone attached to Pornwikileaks considering that they are dangerous individuals(and who will lose everything).

If you are interested in joining me and many others before me in the fight to clear the Los Angeles Porn Industry of organized crime for good (this situation is just that - organized stalking and crime) , then follow @MonicaFoster on twitter and my blog

Many changes to my websites will be underway soon. I'm glad things worked out as they have :) I'm listening to and trusting in God again - luckily he never left me, even in my confusion and when I was lost.