Saturday, May 14, 2011 / Mallcom and WebWizard Inc are helping pornwikileaks make money

Skip to timecode: 7:30 for the information on ( Mallcom ) and WebWizard Inc - the 2 companies who have accepted Pornwikileaks into their affiliate / referral programs and who have enjoyed a vast amount of targeted traffic from the Pornwikileaks venture.

Monica then shares her findings in regards to how the Pornwikileaks venture has been making money - via acceptance into the affiliate programs of Mallcom / (which is owned by Jerry Aharony ) and WebWizard Inc / (which is owned by Dirty D aka MIchael Storm aka MIchael Joseph who runs the explicit website )

Monica shares her views, opinions and thoughts in regards to her disappointment in adult industry professionals such as Aharony and Dirty D overlooked countless adult entertainers (and their family's ) safety and privacy. As of May 12, 2011 Aharony has indicated the he was unaware of his company's acceptance of Pornwikileaks into his affiliate / referral program (even though his website would have received a VAST injection of targeted traffic directly from the Pornwikileaks website).

Monica reports her findings on a connection between Luke Ford of (an adult industry reporter and blogger who release several pornstars real names back in the late 1990s) and Mallcom Corp as well.