Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mike South still states that Monica Foster assisted in closing the FIRST pornwikileaks site - so what is Sean Tompkin's problem?

As of today, Mike South of has stated on his blog that Monica Foster was indeed instrumental in closing the FIRST pornwikileaks website - however being that this is the case (and being the Mike South BROUGHT IN Sean Tompkins to assist with the effort) then WHY is Sean Tompkins still harassing, stalking, threatening and terrorizing Monica Foster AND her family members (of whom have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ADULT ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY).

Could it be, that Sean Tompkins is simply unable to deal with REJECTION? Sean Tompkins attempted multiple times to arrange to physically meet with Monica Foster, however she felt it would be best not to do so. Is this a case of Sean Tompkins simply being bitter that he could never live out his Lenny "Nails" Dykstra fantasy with Monica Foster? Considering how fixated he is with that situation, it's possible.

***Update - Sean Tompkins it appears is friendly with Vanessa Blue (girlfriend to Michael Fattorosi - the attorney who assisted Donny Long with the initial Pornwikileaks venture) Sean now owns and operates a "pornwikileaks type" site himself - ironic isn't it...

Sean Tompkin's website is a perfect example of how when a woman (such as Monica Foster) leaves the Los Angeles porn industry - those attached the Los Angeles porn industry will often stalk, terrorize and threaten her (and possibly her innocent family members as well - as is the case for Monica Foster).

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sean Tompkins created a completely fabricated "interview" with Monica Foster (and impersonated her online which is ILLEGAL in the state of Texas)

Sean Tompkins has lost his mind yet again, and created a completely fabricated "interview" with ex pornstar Monica Foster (and impersonated her online which is ILLEGAL in the state of Texas). No where on the interview is it marked "parody" and considering how Sean Tompkins defamed Monica Foster's family members yet again - he's made the already solid case against him, even more concrete.

In this situation it appears he has slandered and defamed ex pornstar Desi Foxx as well.

No wonder the Free Speech Coalition doesn't bother to acknowledge Sean, thank him (for his dirty deeds) nor do they want ANYTHING to do with him - Sean Tompkins appears to be a total nutcase and completely lacks self control, common sense and class...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another threat from Sean Tompkins in reference to Julie Meadows and an ANTI-PORN blog

Since Monica Foster has created an editorial cartoon in regards to the current Los Angeles porn industry issues for the Michael Whiteacre fan blog - Sean Tompkins has sent Monica Foster another threat via text message.

Considering his history of threats against Monica Foster as you can see here - he will not stop - OCD psychotic people can't break patterns.

****Update - as predicted Sean Tompkins can't break his pattern. He texted Monica Foster via PHONE AGAIN (after she has asked him repeatedly to leave herself and her family alone - yep - he's illegally harassing her) later tonight. Here it is! He's obviously crazy because the link he's referring to is to an ANTI-PORN blog (run by ex-pornstar Desi Foxx -

Monday, December 19, 2011

Why is Sean Tompkins (TRPWL - TheRealPornWikiLeaks) posting about Monica Foster 's family members just like PornWikiLeaks Donny Long did?

screen shot of Monica Foster 's family members being slandered,
lied about and threatened on TheRealPornWikiLeaks website.
Update: 1.3.2012 - Donny Long was utilized a a scapegoat for PornWikiLeaks. Click here for the truth.

It has nearly been exactly 1 year since Monica Foster has fought against those behind the initial PornWikiLeaks website in regards to herself and family members being stalked, harassed, slandered, terrorized and threatened.

Sean Tompkins (who now owns and operates TheRealPornWikiLeaks website and who claims to be responsible for closing the initial Pornwikileak website) however has continued to pick up where PornWikiLeaks left off.

As of this week - Sean Tompkins has brought Monica Foster's immediate family members into the limelight by writing an article about them (complete with their names and other personal info) on his website. The question is WHY?

None of Monica Foster's family members have ever had any connection to (or anything to do with) the porn industry - yet their safety, privacy and security is consistently compromised by Sean Tompkins, Michael Whiteacre (aka Ari Bass) and others attached to the Los Angeles pornographic industry who openly support their activity (such as Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder).

Is Monica Foster (along with her family members) being harassed solely because she's chosen to LEAVE the Los Angeles porn industry, rebuild her life for the better, and tell the truth about her experiences?

Is Monica Foster and her family being made an example of by the Los Angeles porn industry in effort to frighten other porn actors and actresses into never leaving and remaining silent about the illegal activity (such as sex trafficking, drug use, money laundering and prostitution) of which the Los Angeles porn industry is built upon?

More and more of the public is beginning to question if Sean Tompkins, Michael Whiteacre, Jeff Mullen / Will Ryder (and others they are attached to) were behind the initial PornWikiLeaks situation from the start - it's starting to appear that way without a doubt.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rick Madrid already being gang stalked, harassed, and terrorized by the new PornWikiLeaks website

Rick Madrid already being gang stalked, harassed, and terrorized by the new PornWikiLeaks website that covered the launch of here.

The link below leads to a GRAPHIC article - Rick Madrid Exposes Truth About the Porn Industry's Stalkers Harrassing His Family - The chronological series of this manifesto!

Click here to read about it on

A Good Story is Worth Repeating - Dirty Wiki: Don't Look Now But Jaws is Back in the Water

courtesy Gene Ross of


I hate to say I told you so, but in one of my Tarot readings I told you so. When all the industry cowboys were taking credit for rounding up the scamps at Porn Wikileaks and driving them out of Dodge, I said Porn Wiki Leaks wasn’t going anywhere.

Of course I took a ration for saying that because, after all, what do my Tarot cards know. But, months, later, seems I was right. Porn Wikileaks has resurfaced but in a re-incarnated form that appears more toxic than the original ever was.

The new trouble maker in town is calling itself Dirty Wiki.

I believe the site’s been up a couple of months and is still in its formative stages. From the looks of it, though, it’s way more sophisticated than Porn Wiki Leaks.

And it’s designed to look exactly like Wikipedia. The site’s home page currently features twenty thumbnails of women in the spotlight that perhaps they wish they weren’t in.

Some are porn performers. Some are escorts. Evidently some are girlfriends who’s pissed off ex-boyfriends. But they all have one thing in common. If they’ve run afoul of the law, their police records are up there. And if they have families, information about mothers, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles are up there, too. It looks like someone’s been raiding Facebook and other Internet social sources for information and photos.

Considering that no one’s bothered to make an issue of it, we thought we’d be the first to let you know. Fasten your seat belts. This could really be a bumpy ride.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Weinergate , xxxporntalk , Mike Stack (aka redgoat / goatsred), Sean Tompkins of Porn Wikileaks & Desi Foxx

PornNewsToday exclusive!

As many of you remember, around June of 2011 , former congressman Anthony Weiner was linked to a pornstar by the name of Ginger Lee in a scandal which involved "sexting" and the posting online of some explicit photos. The scandal came to a conclusion with Anthony Weiner making the announcement that he intended to resign from Congress June 16, 2011.

One of the individuals who is alleged to have been involved in the "Weinergate" scandal is a man by the name of Mike Stack (also known as Redgoat on forums such as and goatsred on twitter). As of late he has become rather active again in the slandering, harssment and attempted intimidation of ex-pornstar Monica Foster, which APPEARS to have been prompted by a man named Sean Tompkins who was connected to the PornWikiLeaks website allegedly founded by ex-pornstar Donny Long.

The harassment, threats and attempted intimidation that Monica Foster endures, mirrors the stalking pattern of which ex-pornstar Desi Foxx blogged about in great length and detail on her blog - ironically Desi Foxx names Mike Stack as the primary culprit. has been following the twitter posts and forum posts of Sean Tompkins of San Antonio, Texas and Mike Stack on both Sean Tompkin's website TheRealPornWikiLeaks and on XXXporntalk.

It appears that often where-ever Mike Stack posts, Sean shortly follows and vice versa (it's important to note that Mike Stack has worked as a moderator on xxxporntalk - a forum of which to date Sean Tompkins is heavily active). questions:

  • How long have Sean Tompkins and Mike Stack known each other?

  • How long have Sean Tompkins and Mike Stack been working together to harass and stalk public figures?

  • Why are both Sean Tompkins and Mike Stack regularly sending intimidating tweets to journalist Ron Brynaert (Executive Editor at from 1/07-10/10 who helped to expose fake Weinergate teens with The New York Times in June article: )

  • How long has Sean Tompkins been posting on xxxporntalk? Has he ever utilized other aliases (prior to his adultwikimedia alias)?

  • Why did Sean Tompkins ask Monica Foster to remove Mike Stack's photo (in mid 2011) from her blog "Monica At Home" during the height of the PornWikileaks situation of which Sean Tompkins appears to have gone to great lengths to assist in disassociation Mike Stack from?

  • Sean Tompkins has been quite verbal on blog spost comment threads, forum postings and his twitter account that he is supporter of the Republican party and has disclosed to Monica Foster in the past that "The only 2 people who will ever know the truth about Pornwikileaks is me and [pornstar] Kayden Kross".

    Developing story....

    Thursday, December 1, 2011

    Sean Tompkins harasses and threatens me via text message today due to ANOTHER pornwikileaks type website going live

    I wasn't going to mention this issue, being that I've been aware since late November of the situation - yet chose to remain silent (due to not wanting to cause panic amongst current and ex adult industry talent).

    However today considering the continued (and unprovoked / unprompted) harassment, stalking, threats and attempted intimidation from Sean Tompkins of San Antonio, Texas (operator of TheRealPornWikiLeaks site) - I feel the need to let porn industry professionals know that another Porn Wikileaks type website has been created, is active and that Sean Tompkins doesn't want you to know about it because (in my opinion) it is POSSIBLE that he built it and/or owns it.

    I will not post the domain name of this site, however I doubt that this particular site is the only one of it's kind.

    I blogged and stated many times that someone would create another Porn Wikileaks type site, and that the blue print of this type of website should be patented and made illegal, but of course no one listens.

    The key to Pornwikileaks type websites gaining traffic is for people to spread the word about them, so again, I will not name the name of this website.

    Someone using the email address rodwilde2011@*** contacted me November 30th about the site - but I figured it was most likely the owner attempting to bait me into promoting the site. Someone else contacted me around November 25 via twitter about the site, but I ignored the person.

    Today pornstar Mercedes Ashley texted and called me about the situation and I informed her I already knew.

    Then Sean Tompkins, who I have requested never contact me sent me several threatening text messages. Please read them below. Sean Tompkins is most certainly psychologically unstable, and possibly dangerous. If I ever go missing or am found physically harmed - please investigate him, along with Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass & Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen.

    (read left to right and top to bottom)

    I'm surprised to have had someone harass me as long as Sean Tompkins has. He's a complete loser 40 something year old white man who is balding, from San Antonio, Texas. He is rumored to have 4 kids from 3 different black women, appears to be obsessed with pornstars/webcam girls (tweets them all day long) - yet looks down upon them (as these text messages clearly illustrate).

    This man and the other pieces of trash I made the mistake of dealing with in the Los Angeles, Ca porn industry beginning 2008 need to LEAVE ME ALONE. I'm no longer a part of your world and am 100% independent.

    I pray to Jesus Christ - my lord and savior - that the hand of God shine a light upon and show the world EXACTLY who has been involved in hurting myself, my family and countless others in this situation - and then wipe them all out of existence via the most painful method possible. Amen.

    Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass appears to have a strong hatred for Christians

    As of this morning I, Alexandra (stage name Monica Foster - developer of, am in fear for my life due to my religious beliefs - primarily due to the efforts and threats of Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre.

    I've suspected for quite some time that Bass's claims of other's being "Anti-Semitic" were in actuality him projecting his own hateful feelings and ideals upon his stalking targets. Today I feel that I have the proof that my theory about Ari Bass is correct.

    Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass appears to HATE Christians and anyone or anything that is affiliated with Jesus Christ.

    Tonight, he tweeted that he feels/agrees that

    As of recent, I have decided to define and name my personal form of Christianity "Alexandralism" ( - I feel ANYONE who believes in Jesus Christ and is a Christian has the right to define their personal form of Christianity however they like and share it - which is what I'm doing.

    Michael Whiteacre seems to have a MAJOR problem with not only my love for Jesus Christ, but anti-porn activist Shelley Lubben's as well (founder of - an organization to help ex-pornstars), a woman he harasses and stalks DAILY as you can see on his twitter account.

    Why is Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass persecuting Christians for their religious beliefs? Why does Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass seem to embody the same mentality towards Christians as Adolph Hitler did towards Jewish people?

    You would think that a man as closely affiliated to the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) as he is, would respect other's right to expressing their religious views - after all, that's what the concept of FREE SPEECH is all about - isn't it?

    I have stated on my twitter that I feel Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre makes people who are of the Jewish faith look bad (being that he consistently and openly defines himself as being of the Jewish faith). As of current others of the Jewish faith who follow me on twitter have apologized on behalf of Ari Bass and have stated that he is an idiot.

    Saturday, November 26, 2011

    Sean Tompkins and Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass now gangstalking, terrorizing and harassing porn director Nica Noelle

    *Update: It appears that Michael Whiteacre and Sean Tompkins were able to either financially bribe or intimidate Nica Noelle into being their "friend". Since this blog was initially written, Nica Noelle in addition has defended Mr. Marcus in regards to him knowingly spreading Syphilis to his porn industry peers. It is suggested at this stage, not to engage in a professional relationship with Nica Noelle - primarily due to her lack of self respect and integrity.

    It appears that Sean Tompkins and Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass (who's girlfriend Joanne Cachapero is membership director of the FSC / Free Speech Coalition and assistant to Diane Duke - head of the FSC ) are now habitually and obsessively targeting, gangstalking, harassing, intimidating and terrorizing award winning porn director Nica Noelle.

    For the past few weeks via the use of social networking sites, blogs and offline methods Sean and Michael have made several threats towards Nica Noelle - enough to where she has chosen to close her twitter account for fear of her safety.

    Sean Tompkins seems to be especially aggressive towards Nica Noele via his social networking and blog postings, which makes little sense being that he is far from being an adult industry professional himself (Sean is essentially a porn fan with aspirations to be a porn professional - who spends the majority of his day tweeting to and blogging about porn stars - he has never actually worked within the porn industry and appears to be nothing more than a cyberstalker and music industry failure).

    As of current both Sean Tompkins and Michael Whiteacre have expressed that they will be attending the AVN and/or Xbiz conventions in Las Vegas. It is strongly advised that if you have been contacted for any reason by either of these individuals - especially Sean Tompkins, that you utilize extreme caution in being within physical proximity of either of them. It's advised that if possible, to keep away from both individuals.

    Both Sean and Michael have made various threats to physically harm individuals that they target (Tompkins has openly stated he has anger issues and has no problem physically harming people).

    Note in the above posting how Sean claims that Nica Noelle "needs to feel relevant" - considering her most recent Xbiz nominations, I'd say she's factually relevant in the majority of the porn industry's view. It's almost as though Sean Tompkins and Michael Whiteacre are hired online goons for possibly the FSC , Digital Playground or even Manwin - time will tell I suppose.

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011

    Time for the porn organized crime ring to lynch the black girl - Will Ryder, Michael Whiteacre, Kayden Kross and Sean Tompkins are behind it all

    I suppose every few years in porn a Black person is set up to take the fall for the public criminal activity and/or mistakes of the porn industry makes.

    2011 is the year of Monica Foster - and why not, I brought more awareness to many things within the porn industry than many were comfortable with, I stood up for myself and I successfully left the Los Angeles porn industry and moved on with my life.

    Rather than me going on and on, I'll just post the latest development below.

    Please note: the people behind this: Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen (a man who intimidated me to stay quiet in regards to my rape, a man who depicts children in his porn movies and the man who suggested I commit suicide), Michael Whiteacre (a man who consistently stalks anti-porn activist Shelley Lubben and who opposes the new porn union,Kayden Kross (a young woman currently on probation for a fraudulent real estate transaction which left a family of 6 homeless in 2009), and of course Sean Tompkins (the supposed "hero" who claims to have brought down Pornwikileaks, but who in actuality is a stalker of porn actresses with dangerous anger issues).

    Notice how the poster mentions he has "20 people helping him everyday" - isn't that organized stalking / gangstalking ? Why would it take over 20 people to get to me?

    I truly feel bad for these people. You can tell they all grew up very unloved. My family life wasn't perfect, but my parents love me. I think that's what bothers these weirdos the most. I just don't have time for mal-adjusted head cases anymore.

    Update - as of April 14th, 2012 Sean Tompkins posted the following in regards to Monica Foster's father - defaming him posting his real name and location publicly (original screenshot available upon request - name has been blanked for privacy).

    Isn't it interesting how Sean Tompkins is offering Jay's (Jason Malcolm DeVoy's - an employee of porn industry attorney - phone number? Why would he do that? Are they friends or working
    together? Why would a lawyer assist stalkers?

    Monday, October 17, 2011

    Monica Foster (me) named in the Pornwikileaks lawsuit (yes I'm laughing too)

    So first everyone blamed Donny Long (Donald Carlos Seoane) for Pornwikileaks.

    Now - guess who's being blamed (and possibly sued - we'll see about that)? ME!

    Yep - apparently I - Monica Foster - am now the scapegoat for PornWikiLeaks according to Sean Tompkins (I think he's just upset because I brought up Kimmie Krook aka Kayden Kross's criminal history and the fraudulent post she wrote about Shelley Lubben).

    I suppose this is the perfect end to a perfect tale however, as to why no one should ever attempt to deal with the Los Angeles Porn Industry. My getting into porn was far from a "good choice" - hate to admit it, but that's the truth.

    Who's really behind Pornwikileaks? Hell if I know (and frankly I'm tired of thinking about it). I personally have a hunch that this all revolves around the FSC (Free Speech Coalition). All those attached to "bringing Pornwikileaks down" seem to be attached to the Free Speech Coalition in some way so it makes sense. I'll do a broadcast about it shortly.

    Regardless I'm officially Anti-Porn from this day forth. Hopefully I won't be a webcam girl much longer either.

    I gave people in the porn industry (and the concept of porn) multiple chances, but it wasn't worth my time. Today's events in a strange way have taken a huge weight off my shoulders. I'm free to do what I was meant to do now - which is to help close the entire Los Angeles Porn Industry down for good.

    I feel God took me on this journey basically to teach me what I needed to know in order to effectively bring the Los Angeles porn circuit to a close. I probably know more and have seen more than any other "ex-pornstar" in quite some time and I think that a journey such as mine was required in order to do what I know I need to do now.

    Below are the "threats" from today. My legal advice has informed me not communicate any further with anyone attached to Pornwikileaks considering that they are dangerous individuals(and who will lose everything).

    If you are interested in joining me and many others before me in the fight to clear the Los Angeles Porn Industry of organized crime for good (this situation is just that - organized stalking and crime) , then follow @MonicaFoster on twitter and my blog

    Many changes to my websites will be underway soon. I'm glad things worked out as they have :) I'm listening to and trusting in God again - luckily he never left me, even in my confusion and when I was lost.

    Sunday, October 16, 2011

    Why is Kayden Kross supporting Pornwikileak's lack of legal closure?

    Opinion/Editorial by Monica Foster
    (photo to the right - Sean Tompkins & Kayden Kross at September 2011)

    We are in mid-October and the Pornwikileaks incident STILL has not received LEGAL closure - that's a fact. Individual parties (both attached and UNATTACHED to the porn industry) who were gang stalked, cyber bullied, harassed, slandered and terrorized both on and offline still would like some legal closure on the issue - yet Sean Tompkins (who could expedite the legal closure process) continues to refuse to furnish the database which would identify exactly who created the "wikis" from the Pornwikileaks site to the public (or at least to the individual parties seeking legal resolution).

    Sean Tompkins is intentionally obstructing justice in the name of personal and professional gain. Regardless of how you want to look at the situation - it is wrong. He has gone as far as to continue utilizing the EXACT SAME stalking and slandering tactics and patterns with his site TheRealPornWikiLeaks as the initial PornWikiLeaks site did.

    I am still a PRIMARY TARGET being that I've been verbal about the initial PornWikiLeaks site lacking a legal conclusion, and now other's attached to adult entertainment have become targets and have suffered slander and harassment as well (porn director Nica Noelle, anti-porn activist Shelley Lubben, anti-porn and HIV awareness speaker Derrick Burts, etc).

    At this stage I feel an "essay" written by Kayden Kross should be pulled by every media outlet that has posted it. Either that or a retraction needs to be written that states that the PornWikiLeaks issue has never reached legal closure.

    As of current, I'm very disappointed in Kayden Kross's and possibly Digital Playground's (they have ads plastered all over Sean Tompkin's website) support of Sean Tompkins and his aquantence Michael Whiteacre's regular on and offline harassment, gang stalking and terrorism of individuals they feel the need to target and victimize - however considering that Kayden Kross is a convicted felon for real estate fraud with a criminal history I can't say I'm surprised (you know the saying "Birds of a feather flock together").

    Kayden Kross's essay is fraudulent, and I have to question if she was paid to assist in the cover up of Sean Tompkin's efforts to convert the initial PornWikiLeaks project and traffic over to the new TheRealPornWikiLeaks site. Both sites utilize the EXACT same framework (and I've stated before that the blueprint for such sites should be patented and made ILLEGAL).

    Being that Kayden Kross in my view is assisting possible conspiracy, criminal behavior and fraud, I plan on submitting a letter in regards to the situation to the Superior Court of California to alert the court of the situation. Kayden Kross has been on probation since July of 2009 for real estate fraud (which ironically she claims to be the "victim" of), and though I may be wrong in my view of her involvement in assisting with another fraudulent situation - all signs point to her knowing vital information which could bring legal closure to pornwikileaks.

    Again, I find it comical that one who proclaimed for so long to be a "victim" (yet was convicted in a court of law) has a problem with me having the strength to acknowledge that I was a true victim (along with my family and many others) who has the EVIDENCE to back it up (and the sense to not GIVE UP until I have legal closure).

    I live in the light and in a world of truth. That's why I don't have a CRIMINAL HISTORY. Only CRIMINALS don't seek or see the importance legal closure.

    In time I will post a video blog with further details as to this situation on

    (The words of the CONVICTED FELON "victim" Kayden Kross who wrote an essay about pornwikileaks "ending" minus LEGAL CLOSURE. Adult blogger Darrah Ford may have been correct about "Kimmie Krook" aka Kayden Kross. Since Kayden Kross has a problem with true victims, does that mean that SHE NEVER WAS ONE (or will she always be one?) when she claimed to be in 2009? Hmmmmm... *Update - as of June 2012 an escort/prostitution ad which appears to feature has been discovered though in the past she has claimed publicly such a lifestyle is definitely not for her)

    Individuals who were not attached to the porn industry (the FAMILY MEMBERS of pornstars who were listed) who were VICTIMIZED by pornwikileaks DESERVE LEGAL RESOLUTION.

    Friday, October 14, 2011

    Porn Wiki Leaks was a form of Gang Stalking

    If you are or were a victim of the Pornwikileaks project (or something similar - also view this list of individuals)) and are seeking understanding - I strongly advise you visit:

    Pornwikileaks was a form of GANG STALKING which is ILLEGAL and something that's been covered in the national news.

    Also watch the following video (and it's associated part 2, 3, etc):

    Also click the following link for resources on youtube:

    Sunday, October 2, 2011

    I told you Pornwikileaks wasn't over, but NO ONE LISTENED.

    On the evening of September 29th, I posted a blog on that I'd noticed a twitter account ( @worsenightmare1 ) touting that they were going to bring back the site.

    Mercedes Ashley noticed this twitter account too, and I conveyed to her that it's possible that Sean Tompkins (the idiot who CLAIMS he brought an end to the Pornwikileaks situation but in actuality DID NOT) is involved. Mercedes contacted Sean about it that evening, and he told her not to worry about it.

    Of course however, I DID worry about it because I realized quite some time ago Sean is full of shit.

    Well Mercedes Ashley should not have listened to bullshit Sean - BECAUSE SOMEONE POSTED THE ENTIRE PERFOME DATABASE ON PASTEBIN this morning and this @worsenightmare1 twitter account has posted the link!


    Thursday, September 8, 2011

    Pornwikileaks still needs LEGAL closure and who is Sean Tompkins?

    Pornwikileaks may not have ever been "brought down" - it just MORPHED into something else.

    I believe it's time to take a good long look at who Sean Tompkins really is because Pornwikileaks still needs LEGAL closure.

    As of current Sean is in possession of a database which entails exactly who was behind the hate crimes and terrorism that was Pornwikileaks and he has used it to his advantage to network within the porn industry to build his company AdultWikiMedia / TheRealPornWikiLeaks.

    Sean may be a professional "gang stalker" - please click here and read the information for details.

    Friday, July 22, 2011

    How to get your AIM Data off the web

    Courtesy of

    Thank you to my friend who came up with this idea. If you guys will take 30 seconds to send an email it will work.

    Hey man,

    It's usually a TOS breach when a site has been compromised like that. they could have their hosting terminated.

    contact the host ;-)

    Click that link, send them an email asking that the database be taken down per their TOS because AIM is out of business, and that your confidential medical data is online

    notify them that all data in the domain

    should immediately be removed.

    Once again the performers are having to do what The FSC and or AIM SHOULD have done months ago

    Thank you everyone....DO IT NOW!

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    The pornwikileaks site has been disabled.

    For approximately 1 week now, the pornwikileaks venture (website) has been disabled. Initially it was forwarding to but as of today, it appears to be forwarding to Donny Long's website which has been reportedly sold according to Donny Long's blog.

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    Boycott Mallcom Inc. (owned by Jerry Aharony) - the primary advertiser on PornWikiLeaks

    It's time to boycott Mallcom Inc. / which is owned by Jerry Aharony. He has yet to make a public statement or put out a press release that he has requested pornwikileaks to pull his company's banners and links from it's website.

    Mallcom Inc. is potentially making a lot of sales and money from putting people's lives in danger via the cyberstalking and online terrorism the Pornwikileaks project encourages.

    Click here to put a stop to Mallcom Inc / and Jerry Aharony!

    Saturday, May 14, 2011 / Mallcom and WebWizard Inc are helping pornwikileaks make money

    Skip to timecode: 7:30 for the information on ( Mallcom ) and WebWizard Inc - the 2 companies who have accepted Pornwikileaks into their affiliate / referral programs and who have enjoyed a vast amount of targeted traffic from the Pornwikileaks venture.

    Monica then shares her findings in regards to how the Pornwikileaks venture has been making money - via acceptance into the affiliate programs of Mallcom / (which is owned by Jerry Aharony ) and WebWizard Inc / (which is owned by Dirty D aka MIchael Storm aka MIchael Joseph who runs the explicit website )

    Monica shares her views, opinions and thoughts in regards to her disappointment in adult industry professionals such as Aharony and Dirty D overlooked countless adult entertainers (and their family's ) safety and privacy. As of May 12, 2011 Aharony has indicated the he was unaware of his company's acceptance of Pornwikileaks into his affiliate / referral program (even though his website would have received a VAST injection of targeted traffic directly from the Pornwikileaks website).

    Monica reports her findings on a connection between Luke Ford of (an adult industry reporter and blogger who release several pornstars real names back in the late 1990s) and Mallcom Corp as well.

    Monday, April 25, 2011

    Alert Google & Twiiter that is spamming their search results

    Report to by clicking here:

    The way the forum is structured, they have a high enough google ranking (which was their goal to attain) to where if your real name is queried (if you are listed on their site) a link to their website with a page linking your real name (or your family member's real name) to your stage name is one of the first to pop up.

    Pornwikileaks is essentially SPAMMING google search results with your private information using this technique. Put a stop to it and report them now!

    Report Twitter accounts used by PornWikiLeaks here:

    Monday, April 18, 2011

    Free Speech Coalition (FSC) looking into legal options available for performers affected by the website

    CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Free Speech Coalition (FSC) today announced it is looking into legal options available for performers affected by the website. The site has exposed the personal information of thousands of purported performers and gained international media attention after being exposed on industry gossip blogs and message boards.

    “Free Speech Coalition stands in opposition to the violations of performer privacy by PornWikileaks,” said Diane Duke FSC Executive Director. “This is not an issue of free speech; it is about violating the privacy of performers. It’s about potential extortion and exposing performers to potential harassment, stalking and other criminal activities.”

    To date, it is unclear where the data displayed on PornWikileaks originated but federal authorities are currently investigating breaches of federal law in the accumulation of data that has been exposed on the website. In addition to concerns regarding illegal access of medical databases, there are grave concerns about misuse of 2257 documents.

    "Anonymity is an important part of controversial speech, as the courts have recognized for more than half a century. Publicly posting the sort of information involved here has an obvious chilling effect on performers and exposes them to known dangers which are extremely serious,” said attorney Reed Lee, FSC Board member and Government & Legal Committee Chair. “Would the website operators have published the NAACP's membership list in the most difficult days of the civil rights struggle? Everyone involved with PornWikileaks is playing a most dangerous game. They target the performers and they target free expression itself.

    “The Free Speech Coalition is actively exploring all viable legal responses to the situation and will do anything it can to protect adult performers,” Lee added.

    Currently, industry attorney Corey Silverstein is representing client Paul Armstrong in a possible action against individuals using the PornWikileaks website for illegal activity. He is seeking performers that have had their personal information posted on PornWikileaks and have been threatened in any way by anyone connected to the site. Performers that would like to more information on how to contact Silverstein can do so through FSC, by contacting .

    “While I cannot discuss the specific nature of my clients' allegations and any action that is being prepared, it is important to note that this is not a simple free speech issue,” Silverstein said. “The individuals running this website are allegedly intentionally and knowingly jeopardizing the safety and privacy of adult performers all over the world while purposely defaming them in the process. The website repeatedly refers to adult performers as ‘pornographic whores’ and ‘Hookers’ and even talks about specific adult performers ‘degrading the whole family.’ My clients cannot comprehend why the individuals running this website would want to intentionally cause so much potential harm.”

    “Of course there is also the issue of how this website has acquired the information it publishes and what additional information website's operators have obtained," Silverstein added.

    FSC stands in support of all industry members that are exploring possible legal response to PornWikileaks, and is encouraging individuals who have been affected by PornWikileaks and/or their attorneys to contact FSC, at .

    Friday, April 8, 2011

    Steps to get your info removed from PWL

    This info is compiled from and was forwarded to me via email by a source.

    If a website has published your personal details, without your permission then under Dutch law TWO people can be held liable.

    1) The website owner. (Notify the site owner. They are legally required to take your stuff down.)

    2) The Hosting Company (In many cases site owners are hard to find or unco-operative. Not to worry, the HOST is also responsible for correcting breaches, once they have been told about them.)

    Finding their contact details :-

    a) Website contact.

    If none on the site, and none in WHOIS, you are stuffed. Move straight to complaining to the HOST

    b) HOST

    The site domain WHOIS data should (even if everything else hidden) show “Domain Servers in Listed Order”, and the corporate name therein will be that of the hosting company.


    Send an email to abuse@host (abuse@ECATEL.NET) cc postmaster@host (NOC@ECATEL.NET) and any suitable publically listed email contact on their site as follows:-

    “You have personal data about me on X site. Details of the data so they can find and delete. Please remove. If not done within 48 hours a formal complaint will be made to the Dutch DPA”

    Given them 48 hours.

    Post/Fax your detailed complaint to the Dutch DPA making sure to add your name, tel number, email address, the details about you or file/page/url on the site and a reference to the fact that you asked the hosting company ABC to remove the data and no action has occured.

    Most hosting companies will dump a troublesome website faster than you say “privacy” simply because they are not paid enough to justify a site causing them aggro. So if your breach is one of many, sites should vanish. If your breach is a one off, it should just get fixed.

    Heres the domain registration info


    Domains by Proxy, Inc.
    15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Created on: 13-Dec-10
    Expires on: 13-Dec-11
    Last Updated on: 04-Apr-11

    Administrative Contact:
    Private, Registration
    Domains by Proxy, Inc.
    15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States
    (480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2598

    Technical Contact:
    Private, Registration
    Domains by Proxy, Inc.
    15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States
    (480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2598

    Here is Porn Wikileaks' domain information:
    Domain Contact:
    Report Abuse:
    Domain servers in listed order:

    Thursday, April 7, 2011