Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Abusive men in porn & invasive websites (such as Pornwikileaks) designed to trap pornstars in the adult industry

In part one of the May 12th broadcast of Alexandra Mayers LIVE, Alexandra shares about why donating to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission is a good idea considering how many adult entertainers who may travel to Las Vegas to work in porn, may find themselves homeless upon their decision to leave the industry.

In addition, Alexandra Mayers shares her views about the multitudes of abusive men in the porn industry and how (in her opinion) where websites such as pornwikileaks failed is due to the fact that such sites (which are designed to "mark" the men and women who fall prey to the porn industry) are built, operated and designed by abusive men (and sometimes women) who are completely incapable of maintaining healthy relationships (the man who designed the blue print to pornwikileaks is one of the most abusive men on the planet).

Bottom line - the porn industry's predatory power players primarily prey upon targets they believe can be easily abused (psychologically, spiritually and physically).

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Evidence of organized crime AND hate crime in American pornography for the government and law enforcement

via AlexandraMayersLIVE.com

Last night after my live webcast, a lot of evidence in regards to the various lies and possible truths from a multitude of pornographic industry figures on the twitter account @xtianpornstar – so I ask that those the information may be of interest to in a just way to view (and if necessary follow) the account to record the information (starting May 8th, 2017 at 10:48pm EST).

The information revolves primarily around TRPWL (Sean Matthew Tompkins), Kelli of the Naughty News Network, Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long and an industry insider source.

As of current, I’m unable to tell exactly who is being truthful and who is not – I feel that’s for those in positions of power to decide. Regardless, myself and my family members have been utilized as leverage (pawns) in the above mentioned individual’s personal and criminal battles who are either unwilling or incapable of fighting their own battles.

I’ve made it clear today that I am no longer willing to communicate with anyone in or attached to the American pornographic industry. In addition people in American government and legal positions have been notified in regards to this matter (they either are or soon will be in possession of my evidence).

Throughout the hate crimes myself and family have endured, my life has been threatened and I have been told that my freedom will be taken from me. I believe only God has the power to effect whether or not I remain free and alive.

A multitude of text messages from porn industry public figured in regards to prejudice and hate towards people of the Jewish faith will soon be made public. Just as a Black woman I despise racism and prejudice towards Blacks (African-Americans), I don’t feel those of the Jewish faith should be recipients of such hate either.

Donny Long & Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL’s attack dog prompts the truth of exactly WHO in porn hates the Jewish

Sunday, September 11, 2016

male prostitute Donald Carlos Seoane is only the front man for a hate group that targets the Elderly, African-Americans, Homosexuals and Women

4 audio recordings of the front man (Donald Carlos Seoane – a male prostitute) for the criminal stalkers behind the reputation attacks and hate crimes against the elderly, African-Americans, homosexuals and women . It appears that a criminal porn, pedophile and “men’s rights” attorney is advising Seoane.

The calls below are hard to listen to due to the nature of what’s said, but it was necessary for Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster to utilize her acting skills in order to present to the public the reality of Seoane.

Prior to these conversations, Seoane called Alexandra via a private / unknown number over 10 times. Since these recordings, Seoane continues to attempt to contact Alexandra via telephone, but she has elected to cease all communication with him.

As you will hear (especially in the 4th recording) Seoane is specifically fixated on Alexandra's mother and father. He repeatedly refers to African Americans as “niggers” and is extremely homophobic. Starting in late 2010 (or early 2011) the Pornwikileaks website focused heavily on Alexandra's family (her family has never been affiliated in any way with the adult entertainment industry).

From 2010 to the present the following individuals have harassed and/or made threats towards Alexandra and her family: Donald Carlos Seoane, Sean Matthew Tompkins (purchased my father’s full name as a domain and later gave control of it to Seaone, Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre, Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder (a porn director who specifically stated I should end my life).

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New United Nations report states that the cyberviolence against women Pornwikileaks has engaged in is the equivalent of physical violence

***Click here and scroll to the bottom of the post to read the entire United Nations report.

UN reportAlexandra Mayers commentary: If there’s justice in the Universe, the developers and operators of Pornwikileaks (along with individuals such as Ari Scott Bass and Sean Matthew Tompkins) will be held accountable for the assault against me, my family and the multitudes of others the venture targeted.
Cyber violence is psychological warfare – and in regards to how pornography ties into it all…today’s pornographic industry is essentially entirely controlled by ORGANIZED CRIME (in other words, today criminals are fraudulently labeling themselves as “pornographers”).

73% of women have experienced cyber violence, according to a new report

Cyber violence is just as damaging to women as physical violence, according to a new U.N. report, which warns women are growing even more vulnerable to cyber violence as more and more regions gain internet access.
The report calls itself a “wake-up call” about cyber violence as a systemic concern, especially as technology is spreading across more regions. Presented by U.N. Women and the U.N. Broadband Commission, the report estimates that 73% of women have endured cyber violence, and that women are 27 times more likely as men to be harassed online. In Europe, nine million girls have already experienced some kind of cyber violence by the time they’re 15. Anita Sarkeesian, a gamer and activist who has long agitated for more action against cyber violence, spoke at the launch of the new report, titled “Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls: A Worldwide Wake-Up Call.”
The U.N. defines violence against women as “any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts.” The report notes that cyber violence is an extension of that definition, that includes acts like trolling, hacking, spamming, and harassment.
The report also argues that “cyber touch is recognized as equally as harmful as physical touch,” suggesting that online harassment might be just as lethal as domestic violence or sexual abuse.
“Dead is dead,” says Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Under-Secretary-General of the U.N. and Executive Director of U.N. Women. “Whether you are dead because your partner shot you or beat you up, or you killed yourself because you couldn’t bear cyber-bullying, or you were exposed to many of the sites that lead people to suicide pacts— bottom line, we lose a life.”
Mlambo-Ngcuka explained that the report is intended to encourage governments to take action against cyber bullying, and U.N. Women is committed to making sure those efforts are sustainable and enforceable. She said the three most important ways to combat cyber violence are sensitization to the dangers, safeguards against harassment, and sanctions against those who perpetuate internet abuse. “This is a 21st century challenge that needs us to have new ways of reacting,” she says. Still, one in five female internet users live in countries where law enforcement are extremely unlikely to respond to internet violence, and only 26% of law enforcement agencies in the 86 countries surveyed are properly prepared to address the problem.
Even with her position at the U.N., Mlambo-Ngcuka says it’s been difficult to convince some people that this is a problem to take seriously. She recalled some resistance from industry leaders, particularly in the gaming space, who seemed to think that cyber violence was not their problem. “The attitude was like, ‘this sells, this is a business we make money off it, so what are you asking us, to reduce profits?’” she says. “This gentlemen said to me, ‘Lady, you are so intense, chill!’”
She emphasized that cyber violence exists on a continuum with physical violence, and that both problems are byproducts of a society that is inherently unequal for women.
Even if women don’t end up dead, the Under-Secretary-General said, cyber violence can still dramatically affect women’s ability to participate in the modern world. With 450 million more women expected to come online in the next three years, more and more women are relying on the internet for educational and professional resources.
If the internet isn’t a safe place for them, Mlambo-Ngcuka added, they risk swearing off it altogether. “If the woman is tormented, she may then decide that ‘I don’t want to have anything to do with technology,” she said. “To be disconnected from technology in the 21st century, it’s like having your freedom disrupted: your right to work, your right to meet people, your right to learn, your freedom of speech. So if women become so intimidated and traumatized from the experiences they may have, it’s a whole world that will be lost to them for the rest of their life.”

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Donald Carlos Seone & xxxFilmjobs are suspended from Twitter

With all the resources and support that the Free Speech Coalition and criminal bloggers attached to organized crime such as Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Scott Bass and Sean Matthew Tompins claim to have - since 2011, they were NOT able to get Donald Carlos Seoane and xxxFilmJobs (the driving forces behind Pornwikileaks) off of Twitter...

Goes to show... ALWAYS bet on BLACK.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pornwikileaks appears to have plans to capitalize off the Ashley Madison data leak!

CLICK HERE to read about this situation in depth on PublicFiguresToday.com 

Immediately after the Ashley Madison data leak made national news (hackers posted the personal private information of thousands of individuals who have utilized the infidelity website Ashley Madison - a site controlled by Canadian Noel Biderman), it appears that the operators of Pornwikileaks (namely Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane - who according to veteran porn industry blogger Mike South is currently residing with his father in South Florida) have concocted a plan to utilize the data to draw traffic to the website and most likely extort the people who's names are included in the data.

It appears according to the pornwikileaks forum that the operators of pornwikileaks feel that the  re-posted Ashley Madison data leak on their site will "make the site famous".

It seems that every person who is listed in the data leak will have their own forum thread and a wiki which will quickly be indexed by the google search engines.

So now let's see if Pornwikileaks (AND Encyclopediadramatica.se AND TheRealPornWikileaks.com) gets shut down PERMANENTLY.  Back when it wreaked havoc in my life no one cared - after-all I'm just a Black chic who's a nasty porn whore - right?  Maybe now that people who have deep pockets and stellar reputations to protect things will go a bit differently... or maybe they won't... we'll see :)

Click to Enlarge - Pornwikileaks dedicated  a forum to the Ashley Madison data leak!
click to enlarge
click to enlarge

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The truth of FSC an FSC attorney, Diane Duke, Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre and organized crime in the porn industry

Further information and proof of what is discussed in this video can be found on:

Pornwikileaks was utilized by the Free Speech Coalition to release 2257 pornographic industry performer data - to later use as an argument to overturn 2257 record keeping laws which protect minors from being exploited in adult filming.

As of current, Cal OSHA is utilizing the 2257 records to fine and penalize pornographic studios who are breaking the law by not following condom legislation.


Click here for all the screencaps and evidence from today's webcast.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pornwikileaks.com has been restored and is back online - those who claimed (namely Sean Tompkins) to have shut it down did not.

It appears that as of 2/10/2013 the entire www.PornWikiLeaks.com site has been restored. The people who claimed to have brought it to a close should have TOLD THE TRUTH.


Sean Tompkins (the individual who has claimed to have done the majority of the online work to get Pornwikileaks offline and who touts himself as the "Hero of the Porn Industry") was most likely given an expense account to take Pornwikileaks offline OR was paid an amount of money upfront by what I can only assume to be the Free Speech Coalition considering how Diane Duke has gone on record taking credit for bringing down PornWikileaks as well.

You would think that part of getting Pornwikileaks offline would have been taking ownership and control of the DOMAIN right? Seems like common sense doesn't it... but apparently not to Sean Tompkins - WHICH IS WHY THE SITE IS BACK ONLINE AND FULLY ACTIVE NOW.

Ironically according to text messages sent by Sean Tompkins, in August of 2011 - either he or the Free Speech Coalition could have acquired the Pornwikileaks.com domain from the owner for $5000 (which truly is only a drop in the bucket considering how much the FSC collects and spends annually).

One would think that Sean Tompkins would have paid the $5000 out of his upfront fee or expense account to ENSURE that the Pornwikileaks.com domain was acquired by someone unattached to Donny Long - right? Well it sure doesn't appear that way...

It seems that the "Hero of the porn industry" in actuality didn't feel that the multitudes of people who were effected by pornwikileaks were worth the $5000 he most likely pocketed for himself...

Sean Tompkins posts his phone number online fairly often - he did just today so we doubt he'll have issue with the above text messages being made public knowledge.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gene Ross of AdultFYI has been contacted by Donny Long!

It appears that Gene Ross of AdultFYI.com has been contacted by Donny Long. It seems that Donny Long, is not only alive and well, but it seems that he is STILL an active professional within the porn industry and adult entertainment.

Thoughts Over The Morning's Coffee: Just as The Cards Said, Donny Long's Back

Thoughts Over The Afternoon's Margarita: Looks Like Donny Long is Going to Go Clint Eastwood

It seems that Donny Long's continued active presence within the porn and adult entertainment professional sphere completely nulls and voids everything that the Free Speech Coalition, porn agent Mark Spiegler, Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre and Sean Tompkins have told the public in regards to Pornwikileaks and Donny Long.

Stay tuned for continued updates...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

TRPWL Sean Tompkins : puppet of Diane Duke and Ari Bass

Did Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition and Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre (avid FSC supporter) prompt Sean Tompkins to release the AIM database on Pornwikileaks to prompt the closure of AIM - which in turn led to the establishment of the APHSS - which granted control of the performer testing to the Free Speech Coalition who in turn is primarily funded (thereby controlled) by porn megacorp Manwin (Fabian Thylmann)? It certainly appears that way... Donny Long (who had many enemies and may have been murdered) was a convenient target to pin it all on...

dangerous trpwl sean tompkins
Sean Tompkins of Pornwikileaks aka TRPWL (40 something years old – lived at home with his mother till she died – father of 4 kids by 3 women.)
Monica Foster commentary: If you are a pornstar, ex-pornstar, webcam model or any other type of adult entertainer - please familiarize yourself with this type of person (defined within the porn community as a "fan boi").
For the last couple of years, I've had to deal with an online (and offline) obsessed fan and stalker by the name of Sean Tompkins (known publicly in the online Los Angeles porn community as TRPWL of The Real Pornwikileaks), who not only has been extremely invasive to my personal life, but the lives of my family members as well (who have never had anything to do with the porn industry).

Sean Tompkins utilized the situation of Pornwikileaks (of which I believe he not only assisted in building and promoting, but has fraudulently claimed to "bring to and end" ) to establish a presence for himself within the porn industry, and since has utilized his station and influence to continue to openly stalk, slander, harass, terrorize and defame myself and family via telephone, his website, various adult industry forums and via a multitude of other venues.

As of current Sean Tompkins has in excess of 60 blog posts on his TRPWL website about myself and family members.  I personally am afraid of this man in regards to my physical safety and have had to go to authorities in regards to the situation. His tweets and blogs reflect that of someone who is uneducated, manipulative, needy, psychologically ill, a victim of childhood abuse and who (now as an adult) gets a sexual thrill from harming women.

I do fear that Sean Tompkins sexual attraction to me of which he apparently can not control (and of which manifests in the form of aggression towards me) may lead to him either physically assault or murder me - unless someone steps in to give him the psychological help assistance of which he needs. Only in the arena of adult entertainment can a person behave as Sean Tompkins does (which may be why he has been so desperate to establish himself in the porn industry to begin with).
trpwl obsessed with monica foster - tweets - an agressive and dangerous man
Click to enlarge: various tweets and posts over the past few years in regards to black women, Monica Foster and her father Ivan (who he appears very fixated on and who he regularly has posted homophobic comments in regards to). These posts display a pattern of behavior and point towards Sean Tompkins having the desire to physically harm or kill Monica Foster due his frustration of having a sexual attraction towards her and issue with his advances being rejected by her.
trpwl obsessed with monica foster original pwl wiki
Click to enlarge: A section of Sean Tompkins original Pornwikileaks wiki. As of current it appears it is Sean Tompkins who controls Encyclopedia Dramatica where this was briefly reposted earlier this week but since deleted. The only wikis on that site from pornwikileaks are of Monica Foster, Mark Spiegler, Mike South and Mercedes Ashley - 4 people who are key to Sean Tompkins maintaining his presence in the Los Angeles porn industry.
Individuals who have analyzed Tompkins have reached the conclusion that the Pornwikileaks attack on my family members was most likely solely instigated by Tompkins in effort to play the "hero" in the end.

ari bass aka michael whiteacre and diane duke may control Sean Tompkins TRPWL of the real porn wiki leaks
Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition and Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre it seems may be the real master minds behind The Real Porn WikiLeaks website and the release of the AIM data on the initial Pornwikileaks forum - Sean Tompkins doesn't seem educated or creative enough to act solely on his own. Both Diane Duke and Ari Bass stood to gain quite a bit from the closure of AIM and the establishment of the APHSS for talent testing (which is controlled by the FSC who in turn has been heavily funded by Manwin).
In addition, it appears as though Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition and Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre have taken advantage of Sean Tompkins' aggressive yet gullible nature to essentially use him as an "attack dog" against those who have chosen to speak out against the dangers of the Los Angeles pornographic industry (and anyone for that matter who is a threat to their agendas).

It is rumored that both Duke and Bass have made various promises to Sean Tompkins and may have even given him funds in regards to his actions against Michael Weinstein (of the Aids Healthcare Foundation)Sean's failed "No on Measure B" campaign (of which he still clings to though Measure B has passed into law) is evidence of this.

If there is anyone else who has had the misfortune of experiencing similar behavior with TRPWL / Sean Tompkins and you are need of the original screen grabs of the above tweets or blog posts, along with other evidence needed to establish a pattern of behavior I can be contacted via pornnewstoday at gmail dot com.

There is a major difference between a porn fan (or a fan of anyone or anything for that matter), and the type of individual Sean Tompkins is.

Update: 1.3.2012 - Donny Long was utilized a a scapegoat for PornWikiLeaks. Click here for the truth.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monica Foster at Home - Christian Pornstar : What really happened to Donny Long?

Update: The day after this webcast was released the front man and head (CEO / managing partner of Manwin Fabian Thylmann was arrested in Germany for tax evasion).

On this webcast of Monica At Home (Christian Pornstar edition), Monica Foster questions whether or not Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane is still alive. No recent photos or videos have been spotted of him since the height of Pornwikileaks and since he supposedly relocated to Thailand.

Monica Foster relates at the start of the webcast how Donny Long essentially revolutionized the Los Angeles porn industry by launching his website xxxfilmjobs - a website of which many of his competitors may have wanted to control of destroy. Monica outlines how the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) may have "set up" Donny Long as the "fall guy" for PornWikiLeaks due to Pornwikileaks leading to the closure of AIM, which led to the formation of the APHSS which is controlled by the FSC who in turn has been primarily funded by Manwin.

Monica also shares her awareness of how Marc Drescher aka Marc From the Dark experienced similar backlash from certain porn industry professionals and namely Sean Tompkins (someone on the fringe of the LA porn industry who is an avide supporter of the FSC and my primary stalker) due to his website AdultTalentRegistry which has changed how porn professionals interact and work with each other in today's porn industry marketplace.

Monica explains how throughout history dating back to Biblical times (Jesus Christ essentially was GANGSTALKED), whenever someone comes along to change a certain system, way of living or generally help humanity evolve they tend to be silenced, suppressed or even killed.

Monica shares how she feels Elliot Bernstein - the creator of IviewIt (a video codec which revolutionized the internet) is experiencing a similar situation (luckily he is still alive), along with Nikoli Tesla and possibly Steve Jobs (a man Monica feels passed far before his time).

Monica explains that this is the final webcast of Christian Pornstar indefinitely and shares once more that the foundation of the Los Angeles porn industry is organized crime run illegal escort and prostitution rings. Monica encourages her viewers to familiarize themselves with Annie who runs Hookers for Jesus and to support her efforts.

Update: 1.3.2012 - Donny Long was utilized a a scapegoat for PornWikiLeaks. Click here for the truth.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Again - those attached to the initial pornwikileaks project are attacking innocent family members of ex-pornstars

Again - those attached to the initial pornwikileaks project are attacking innocent family members of ex-pornstars. Please view the screenshots below - it is believed at this time the individuals behind the posts below which defame, libel and harass the parents of of Alexandra Mayers (aka ex pornstar Monica Foster) are members of the Free Speech Coalition (Diane Duke - president of the FSC, Lydia Ann Lee aka Julie Meadows, Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder, Joanne Cachapero & Ari Bass), Sean Tompkins and Mark Spiegler .

This is a twitter for a website run by Sean Tompkins - considering his track record with harassing and defaming
Alexandra Mayers' parents on his website TheRealPornWikiLeaks - most likely the blogs below were created by him.

***Update*** As of 8/10/2012 the apparently mentally unstable Sean Tompkins ( TRPWL ) is still slandering and harassing the innocent family members of his targets Monica Foster and anti porn activist Desi Foxx as you can see in the screen shot below. In addition, for some reason he is claiming he wants to sexually assault the daughters of KKK (Klu Klux Klan) members.
Monica Foster has blocked Sean Tompkins from her twitter account as of several months ago and does not communicate with him. Why is he still obsessively tweeting her? Monica Foster has opted at this stage to contact the Free Speech Coalition President Diane Duke and the FSC board members (of which Tompkins appears to have association with) in regards to this issue.

The LA City council of which Monica Foster has met with in the past is aware of the situation as of today as well.